Let’s move majorettes sport to a higher level, the level of world reputation!

 Český překlad

The Majorettes sport came into the public awareness and has become one of the finest sports. For viewers, this interesting area of sport designated to girls, stands out for its sophistication, elegance and originality. However, these properties are preceded by one other characteristic – intensity. Imaginative costumes, diverse choreography, which will attract viewers, creative idea of ​​combining  movement and use of space and ultimately, ongoing training and increasing intensity, manifesting itself in having to overcome yourselfselves and force your body to rise gracefully after a fall and carry on. One day this sport will receive its highest possible award, it’s inclusion in the Olympic Games sports. Guaranteed!

Year 2013. For Majorettes Sport and all organizers of the competitions – at all levels, it means a new era, full of transformation. Let’s just seize the moment and grab the opportunity. This chance to move this new, modern sport – for children and teens up to 26 years – onto Olympic sports level and be included in the Games, may not  repeat itself. To fulfill this big dream and make it reality, the International Federation Majorettes Sport (IFMS), with its headquarters in Prague, was purposely funded. The Federation is open to all interested persons and societies, and calls on these participants to cooperate.

IFMS already has its first symbol – a unique logo.  This Logo symbolizes the unification of majorettes sport. Silhouettes of majorettes capture your attention with distinctive style at first sight,  with its dynamic character, youthful movement, self-confidence, flexibility, beauty and elegance. Chin up, upright stance and step forward means dedication of thousands of majorettes in its full splendour together to introduce this sport to the whole world, to indicate the direction of their journey and way forward. The Variety of colors represents optimism and diversity of sport. It gives space to eternal imagination residing in us all. It symbolizes a rainbow, a complex phenomenon of our mother nature, over which our human heart rejoices everytime when we see it – as when we see our youngest majorettes grow and blossom into young ladies over years- into symbols of elegance and femininity, which is symolised in the logo by the shape of a triangle. IFMSA is their auspices.

Let’s move majorettes sport to a higher level, the level of world reputation!

All countries have the opportunity to show the world their interest in majorettes sport and actively participate in the first Open World Championship Majorettes Sport . The competitive atmosphere and tension of who will take the title “World Champion” will certainly be a great experience not only for the contestants but also for their team escort, public audience and the organizers themselves.

To become a member of IFMS is not difficult – thanks to its openness. Together we have the power to unify the competition rules accordingly to particular sections and disciplines and make it possible. That is the foundation to shift majorettes sport to Olympic sport level. Let us put this objective into practise in Prague on 30th August – 1 September 2013 at our 1st Open World Championship Majorettes Sport and make this a stepping stone. The inclusion of The Majorettes sports in Olympic sports will be preceded by a long journey, filled with a lot of work, mutual tolerance, understanding, humbleness … However, the goal can be achieved by team effort and more intensely we work together,  a shorter path to the goal it will be!

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