16. European Championship 2023
3. European Majorettes Cup

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15. European Championship 2020

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9. European Championship 2012 – IMA
8. European Championship 2011 – IMA

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7. European Championship 2010 – IMA

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6. European Championship 2009 – IMA

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5. European Championship 2008 – IMA

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4. European Championship 2007 – IMA

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3. European Championship 2006 – IMA

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2. European Championship 2005 – IMA

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 1. European Championship 2004 – IMA

1st MEETING IMA 2003


2. European Majorettes Cup 2020 

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1. European Majorettes Cup 2019 

part of 14. European Championship Majorettes Sport 2019

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About European Majorettes Cup

EMC is standalone, progressive competition, included in the calendar of International competitions. The announcer of the competition expands the range of offerings for the needs of the young generation and gives majorettes the opportunity to get acquainted with the difficulty of majorettes before real mastery.

The implementation of the 1st year was deliberately included in the date of the European Championship, so that the clubs that participated in the real championship coul give the opportunity to their wards who are just getting to know majorettes.

Majorettes from Belarus, Croatia, Poland and the Czech Republic were registered on the starting lists:
Black lotus Brest, AMA Opava, Ametyst DDM NĂ˝rsko, Crazy maĹľoretky DĹŻm dÄ›tĂ­ a mládeĹľe TREND Roudnice n.L., Excelent DolnĂ­ Benešov, JeštÄ›rky SK Branka u Opavy, JeštÄ›rky Slatina, Klub maĹľoretek Valtice, LASSIES Brno, LEXY Kroměříž, MaĹľoretky Baila Praha – T.J: Sokol Petrovice, MaĹľoretky BELLA Junior ChotÄ›boĹ™, MaĹľoretky HvÄ›zdiÄŤky SVÄŚ Rosice, MaĹľoretky Ruda nad oravou, Neonky Morvská Nová Ves, SK Ĺ umÄ›nky Ĺ umná, STARLETTE ÄŚeskĂ© BudÄ›jovice, Stars Ostrava, TK Dancing Roses, TS MaĹľoretky Minnie ÄŚeskĂ˝ Těšín, MaĹľoretkinje Višnjan, Plesna udruga MAGI Ivanić-Grad, Plesni kub Fiume Rijeka, Nemezis Hecznarowice

In the history of majorette sport, medals for podium finishes in this cup competition and the World Majorettes Cup procedures were first awarded.
WMC will be held in Prague on Monday, August 19, 2019 the day before WCH. This is a strong motivation for performance growth and if everything succeeds, majorette sport will be expanded by strong rivals.

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