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Prague 2013-03-25

Dear Organizers of Majorettes competitions and Majorettes sport,

the Majorettes sport which is being currently developed in the Czech Republic was Р from an outside perspective Рrated as unqualified, placing itself somewhere between sport and cultural  category. For it to become more of a sport and thus eligible to State Funding, it became necessary to strengthen its functioning not only at the National but also International level. To achieve this, following consultations with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other Public Relation Authorities, permission was granted by the Ministry of the Interior to establish an international independat organization called International  Federation Majorettes Sport (IFMS). At the same time IFMS managed to register an official base in Prague and is able to commence its developing activities in the Czech Republic. Licence has been authorised and IFMS is now listed in the directory  of International Independant Organizations under its identification number: 014 32 991

Since 18.02.2013 IFMS is acting as a Federal Sport Institution in the territory of the CZECH REPUBLIC and other states in accordance with their own legal systems. IFMS acts on their own behalf and is responsible for its own pecuniary liability. IFMS represents Czech sports movement of majorettes in international associations, and legaly entitled to separate the rights and the responsibilites for preparing and securing the Czech national sports team  of majorettes at all levels.

IFMS is the sole owner, promoter and organizer of competitions for majorette sport in the territory of the CZECH REPUBLIC, and the sole owner of all commercial, advertising, television, radio and audiovisual rights and other rights not explicitly, but applicable to all competitions and actions managed by the IFMS in the territory of the CZECH REPUBLIC.

Based on the above statement, we would like to reach out to you as the organizer of the competition not only to respect this declaration – but in order to meet the basic objectives of the mission and the activities of the IFMS, which is caring for the all-round development of the sport of majorettes and the creation of conditions for all of its forms and the performance level, as at the international level and on the Club and the national team – to offer cooperation.

Your Sincerely.


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