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30. 8. – 1. 9. 2013 / PRAGUE – Vladivostocká 1460/10 Praha 10 – Vršovice

International Federation Majorettes Sport registration starts at first Open World Championship Majorettes Sport 2013 that takes place in Prague.
RULEBOOK valid from 1.7.2013: HERE

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 Pom-Pom Stage + March
 Pom-Pom Stage
 Pom-Pom March
 Baton Stage + March
 Baton Stage
 Baton March
 2 Baton

World Championship Majorettes Sport will have its absolute winner

Prize winner can only obtain an absolute age category seniors, as the sum of points from a separate discipline parade marching and from stage exhibition. The highest number of points is to obtain the unique prices: the cup of Absolute winner World Championship Majorettes Sport 2013. Discipline parade marching is published only for seniors category, separately, including the granting of titles and medals.

The whole world has a unique opportunity to be involved to the IFMS based in Prague.

Registered member has the opportunity to vote and be elected to organs of the IFMS in the IFMS. Download the application form here: Application to registered membership in the IFMS.

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 Michelle Karviná

Wrote about us

Participated states:

POLAND: Stowarzyszenie Mażoretek Tamburmajorek i Cheerleaderek Polskich

CZECH REPUBLIC: Občanské sdružení Mažoretky





Map World Championship Majorettes Sport

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Map of complex

Map of complex - EDEN



  1. Tomasz says

    In nominations is: All informations ! Vice President IMA Marta Pavelkova !
    BUT on webside International Majorette-sport Association is:
    Mrs Éva Geisztné Gogolák (HU) – President
    ! Mrs Zeljka Banovic (CRO) – Vice-president !
    so we have got 2 Vice president´s?

    And my 2nd question is: when we could know which country will come in to CR?
    thank you for your answer.

    • admin says

      International Majorettsport Association IMA have 1 president “Stanisław Rewieński” and 1 vice president “Marta Pavelková”

      International Majorette-sport Association isn´t true IMA. International Majorette-sport Association have different name and logo.

      In this time we have direct nominations from Poland and Czech republic. Slovakia and Hungary interested in World championship majorettes sport. Russia, China and one team from USA are in negotiation. But you know the money are very important in this case – maybe the most important. It has one disadvantage – the first World Championship majorettes sport hasn’t tradition. But we believe we will create it with assistance all.

      And 2nd answer: We are not sure. We recommend to check page IFMS.

  2. rabaty

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