Welcome the 4th WCH Majorettes Sport

Sports hall, reopened after extensive renovations in the year 2015 is prepared to welcome the 4th World Championship Majorettes Sport.

Foto_hala_WCH2016On February visual inspection were concretized with the new leadership of the hall additional requirements competitions and the organizers for the competition performances in the best possible space conditions, further ensuring the area for training, hinterland in the changing rooms, rooms have been refined for referees, spectators, guests, location for decorations and other necessities, which are part of such exacting event like is World Championship Majorettes Sport, the biggest festival for majorettes. However, spaces of the hall require claims to discipline majorettes and spectators. Hopefully everything will lead to the satisfaction of the all and organizers will not be financially sanctioned and forced to pay increased costs for damages or extra service costs.

Official page 4. World Championship Majorettes Sport Article 2016

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