We are looking for a donors and sponsors for the WCH Majorettes Sport

International Majorettes Sports Federation (IFMS) is a non-profit organization with an international element, conducted under file No. 25403 L at the Municipal Court in Prague. We are constantly looking for new ways and opportunities to expand the activity scope of the federation.

We pride ourselves on spreading offer of competitions with high-quality technical and organizational skills. We aim at the unification of new modern and elegant majorettes sport for majorettes from all over the world.

We would like to speak and refer to all fans with cooperation and sponsorhip. It’s presumptuous move of us, but it’s one of the ways to help an international benchmarking of competitive performances of children and youth engaged in this sport. Support can take many forms – factual, financial or execution services.

What can we offer to donors and sponsors?

Cooperata Together IFMS• Place for Company name (s) on the website www.ifms-majorettes.com
• Promoting on printed materials (posters, start lists, results lists)
• Place for Company logo in the central decoration of World Championships, European Championships, Grand Prix
• Place for advertising of Company name (logo) in the yearbook
• Repeated introduction of patron during the opening ceremony and breaks contest
• Free admission to the VIP area

If you decide to support our activities, you will contribute to the sophisticated development of children and youth, especially in their physical training, sports dance, modern gymnastics, acrobatic rock and roll, everything is more difficult to work with tools, which are sticks, fringes and flags. Together, we will help the young generation, especially girls, to make their way at home and abroad. Also we appreciate any other suggestions for possible partnerships or sponsorships. Of course it is possible to get personal meeting, please contact us via e-mail address: president@ifms-majorettes.com

Official page 4. World Championship Majorettes Sport Article 2016

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