Grand Prix in Moscow 2017

The Grand Prix Majorettes Competition took place during the Avangard International Sports Festival days and the days ofAvangard OPEN CUP Moscow Dance Olympics. Moscow is equipped with many sports centers, one of which is also the CSKA Moscow, the venue for this year´s Grand Prix. The center itself is equipped with many spacious halls with grandstands, which is ideal for competitions with high numbers of participants. Mr. Andrey Kokoulin is an experienced organizer, and the inclusion of the Majorette competition into the joint program can be positive; dancers can watch majorettes with different kinds of equipment, and majorettes can watch dancers with different movement elements. Participants can thus enrich each other in both the movement culture and the musical or clothing culture. Mrs. Maria Shamina, who was in charge of the Grand Prix organizing, is also a coach of majorettes competing in a block for beginners and actingpublicly only for the second time.

Negotiations at the level of representatives of participating federations and guests were important. The subject was both the current state and the further development of the Majorettes Sport. Conclusions of the negotiations will be gradually published in order of how they will be implemented.

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