Changes to the rules since 2018

d) Deductions due to incorrect course of the competition (summary of technical deductions)

• unpreparedness for competition after announcer announcement 0.1
• early entrance on the stage before the announcement 0.2
• unpreparedness of music 0.1
• technically low quality music transcription 0.1
• interruption of competition set by competitors 0,5
• unauthorized music carrier 0.5
• sound signal (beep) at the beginning of music 0.1
• unauthorized competitors communication 0.5
– ᴏ whistle, loud counting, etc.
• unauthorized chiefs communication 0.5
– ᴏinstructions to competitors during the competition set
• exceeding the designation of the competition area of 0.1
• demonstration of the competition set without shoes (without the whole sole) 0,5
• The shoe does not have a high tibia (SEN BAT) of 0.3
• undersized heels 0.5
• inappropriate costume for BAT 0.3
• fall of costume part 0.2
• applied loose or gel glitter 0.5
• missing ending of the costume by a garrison cap or its imitation 0.3
• fall of competitor 0.4
• not lifting of equipment until the end of the competition set 0.3
• putting away of equipment (more than 2 beats 4/4) 0.4
• not reaching the parade goal by all competitors 0.5
• the rotation of the parade is not performed at the transverse line (start, goal) 0.2
• missing of competition set name for SHOW 0.4
• “stop figure” is not performed at the ending 0.2
• deliberate violation of the rules 0.3

New duo-trio MIX is added, two points was highlighted, other provisions are unchanged


• Stage choreography only.
• Area: 12 x 12 metres
• Protective zone 2 m along all sides of the stage
• Time: minimum 1:15 and maximum 1:30 minutes (without the time for entrance and exit)
• Choreography must content important elements both of two equipment(BAT + POMS)–evaluation of movement technique and equipment work.
• Execution of at least 3 V- level elements for both tools
• Tool change is obligatory and must be done in such a way that the competitor can demonstrate the ability to work with both types of equipment

Rulebook IFMS Rulebook IFMS

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