Information for applicants for personal data protection

In this way, the International Federation Majorettes Sport provides information to the public on how it processes the personal data of data subjects (natural persons) as well as information on the rights of data subjects related to the processing of their personal data. 

The manager of personal data is the International Federation of Majorettes Sport (hereinafter the Federation), as the manager of personal data determines the purpose, means and method of personal data processing, then performs the processing and is responsible for its processes. 
In case of need of further detailed information on the personal data processing, data subjects may contact the Federation in the following ways: 
• by e-mail: 
• data box: xcvb53e 
• by post to the address: International Federation Majorettes Sport, U Výstavby 492/5, 111 01 Prague 10 
• personal submission directly at events according to the competition calendar through the commissioner for processing the results 

Federation Commissioners may be contacted through any of the above methods. 


When processing personal data, the Federation respects the right to their protection, while observing in particular the following principles:  
– processes personal data in a manner that is in accordance with the relevant legislation and is transparent, 
– collects personal data only for certain, explicit expressed and legitimate purposes and personal data are not further processed in a way that is incompatible with these purposes, 
– processes personal data to an appropriate extent that is relevant and necessary to achieve the stated purposes, 
– take measures to enable the processing of exclusively accurate personal data, which may be updated as necessary; 
– retains personal data only for such time as is necessary for the purpose of their processing, 
– ensures the security of the processed personal data, especially against unauthorized or illegal processing, against accidental loss, destruction or damage. 

The Federation processes personal data related to the performance of its managed agendas. With regard to the relevant legislation, it may be some of the following data, or a combination thereof, or files: 
– identification and contact details: name, surname, academic degree, date and place of birth, identity card number, marital status, birth number, nationality, address of permanent residence, telephone number, e-mail address, personal number, IP address, number and validity of the residence permit, beginning/end of the stay. 
– descriptive data: education, knowledge of foreign languages, professional knowledge and skills, number of children, video recording from the camera system, previous employment, health insurance company, salary, travel document number, bank details. 


The Federation mainly processes personal data from: 
– participants in competitions, complainers, applicants for information and other persons who contact or deal with it, 
– employees (including former), jobseekers and members of advisory bodies, 
– the data subjects with whom it enters into contractual relations and the contact persons of the contracting parties 

The Federation obtains personal data directly from data subjects, or from other persons, or from publicly available sources. 

The federation processes personal data: 
– to fulfill its obligations arising from the Articles of Association and the legislation, 
– for handling inquiries, complaints and possibly other submissions to the public 
– for concluding and fulfilling contractual relations, 
– for the purposes of its legitimate interests (in particular the protection of property which the Federation has the right to manage or to send messages or Newsletters) 
– on the basis of consent to the processing of personal data. 

In cases arising from the law, the Federation is obliged to provide personal data to other managers of personal data. These are in particular: 
– provision of personal data to law enforcement authorities, 
– provision of personal data to other state administration bodies in the performance of legal obligations, 
– the provision of personal data to other Member States of the European Union or international organizations, if this follows from the regulations of the European Union, an international agreement by which the Czech Republic is bound, or other international obligations. 

The Federation processes the personal data automated or manually. Automated processing takes place in Federation information systems.   
In order to comprehensively secure personal data, the Federation shall take appropriate measures, in particular to prevent the unauthorized or unlawful processing, accidental loss, destruction or damage of personal data. 
Only authorized persons have access to personal data, who are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of personal data and security measures. 
The Federation enters into a written contract with the processor. It uses only those processors who guarantee guarantees for the protection of personal data during their processing. 

The Federation retains personal data for the necessary period of time, as determined by the relevant legislation, or the period of their storage is defined by the Federation’s file and disposal plan. 
In other cases, personal data are kept only for the time necessary for the specific purpose of the processing. 
The data subject is entitled to request from the Federation access to personal data concerning its person, their correction or deletion, or restrictions on processing. Furthermore, the subject has the right to object to the processing and to exercise the right to data portability. 
Where the processing is based on consent or express consent, the data subject shall be entitled to withdraw the consent at any time, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent given before the withdrawal. 
The data subject is also entitled to file a complaint with the supervisory authority, which is the Office for Personal Data Protection, with its registered office in Pplk. Sochora 27, 170 00 Prague 7, e-mail:, Data box ID: qkbaa2n. 

These conditions take effect on 25.05.2018 

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