WCH informs – Yearbook 2018

Yearbook 2018, this little stylish book consists of important moments of work and mission of the International Federation majorettes Sport (IFMS)

It took a lot of effort, both on the side of the organizers and on the side of the competitors, to create it. The yearbook presents the chronological activities of the year 2018, which took place under the IFMS heading. They are supported by results lists, interspersed with photographs and texts.

With the yearbook you will not forget the experience of majorette competitions, it is a proof of participation, medal places, awarded procedures to higher competitions and forms the history of majorette sport in which you are forever enrolled.

Yearbook 2018 will be distributed to clubs on all WCH days, always after registration.

The clubs listed in the yearbook but not participating in the WCH can apply for the yearbook by email: info@ifms-majorettes.com

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