The Order of Elizabeth of Bohemia is an award for a sleepless night, says Marta Pavelkova

Olšovec – She is the soul and mover of events in Olšovec. Marta Pavelkova is a fresh holder of the Order of Elisabeth of Bohemia, that she took over on Friday in the Chamber of Deputies as one of twenty women from across the country

Marta Pavelkova the initiator and founder of the association Patriot, which recalls the historic events of the village, but mainly organizes and promotes contemporary events, such as the Armchair for the patriots.

Shee participated in organizing of the Cultural Day at the Castle in Hranice and established a competition for the best cakes, salad and plum brandy. She organizes competitions and tours, including the Czech championship in majorette sport.

“It was an amazing experience. Collective of awarded consisted of only women, one great story after another. For me it is an extraordinary thing,” said Marta Pavelkova.

Together with the other winners she could see a statue of Elizabeth of Bohemia, who is just bidding farewell to seven years old Charles – artwork will be officially unveiled to the public by the president just in November.
The Order of Elizabeth of Bohemia sees Marta Pavelkova as the highest award, which she was ever honored.

“So great appreciation I have never received. In our country and among people is generally true that if you do something well, you do it still for being it good. But few people praise you, and everyone knows what to criticize. On the other hand, it is just criticism what rush you forward, “mentioned Mrs. Pavelková.

Additional impulse for further organization is right now the significant price. “It’s an award for the sleepless nights and the responsibility that you bear for all activities that you do. It is also a commitment for a man to continue in the activities, “said the woman, who doesn´t even idle any moment.

These days she is preparing another goodly events – the fifth year of World Championship in majorette sport and also another year of Czech Republic Championship in the same branch.

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Author: Iva Najďonovová,

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Mrs. Marta Pavelkova is the soul and mover of events in the village Olšovec. She is the initiator and founder of the association Patriot, which recalls the historic events of the village, but mainly she
organizes and supports nowadays events, such as “Armchair for the patriots.” In the town Hranice has been organizing and supporting nowadays events “Days of Hranice´s culture,” she has founded the
competition about the best cakes, salad and slivovitz. During the event charitable organizations have presented, such as “Mama help.” Since 94 she has been involved in the civic association majorettes. She organizes competitions and tours, especially the National championship in majorette sport. She has been contributing to the publishing of historical publications from the Hranice and surrounding areas, her personal archive is source of information for many people. Her activities, support for events such as contest in baking cakes, opening of a private gallery, exhibition openings, is for many surrounding villages exemplary and inspiring. Above all, she is the reason for meeting people, sharing experience and thereby enriching the lives of others.

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