“When anything new is introduced, do not judge such a thing at once, wait, you will see only in the third year; if it’s bad, it will disappear, if it’s good, it will last”, these are the words of the founder of the majorette sport, Mr. J. Necid.

When the first year of the WMC cup competition was announced in 2019 (for performance class B, novice competitors who are just getting to know the majorette sport, or for newly introduced or less-staffed disciplines), the new competition was initially received with embarrassment; although, it is common in the sports world that not only the “best” compete against each other, but also those behind them, as this is the way to performance growth. The actual implementation connected to the days of the World Cup turned out to be a good choice. In the first year, 98 formations were entered in the starting list, 96 formations were evaluated.

The following year 2020, the turn of the decade that often brings change, also changed the start of this competition; a virus pandemic broke out in March and almost nothing took place.

The starts in the next year, 2021, were postponed for the same reason, but they succeeded, the year started in the spare, fall date, and if we look back, it was a brave step for the organizers, but an important step for maintaining motivation. The number of registered formations in the starting list was 71, good for the given state, the pandemic spreading again and the ordered quarantines weakened participation, in the end 62 formations (87%) were evaluated. A week after the competition, all sports grounds, schools were closed again…

The third year will start on August 27, after the end of the last discipline of the world championship, also in the Královka sports hall in Prague. The overall situation is difficult this year as well, but there is interest in participation, the girls want to compete, and that is good. At this year’s third year, 147 formations from European countries will be evaluated, unfortunately, clubs from Asia have not yet received visas and African clubs are not applying at all. Together with the female competitors, we wish that the competition will be held in future years as well, that the quantity of female competitors will increase, because there is competition in quantity and quality grows in competition. If the circumstances allow it and the development of the majorette sport does not stop, it is not excluded that the competition will be even multi-day in the coming years.

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