Changing delegate IFMS, Croatia

Ms. Milosava Katic, president Hrvatsko udruženje mažoret Tim, Icici, Croatia (HUMT), resigned as president and also on the function of a delegate IFMS under a Member State Croatia. New president and delegate for HUMT was appointed by Mr. Vlado Palac, and Vice president Ms. Tatiana Sobotinčić Gašparić, Mažoretkinje Grada Opatija. Mr. Vlado Palac is organizer […]

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Recent activity in HUMT

In February, it held a annual meeting, where we accepted six new teams. An arbitration commission attended a regular annual training of judges. HUMT received a reports about young judges (trainees) from the judges, who advised them and they acted like mentors. HUMT has 11 licensed judges and 3 trainee judges, who intern this season.

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