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PHOTOS: World Championship Majorettes Sport 30.08.2013 Friday Prague

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FridaySaturdaySundayBedřich Kubálek

[dt-galleria urls=”DSCF5969 DSCF5959 DSCF5954 DSCF5949 DSCF5930 DSCF5889 DSCF5903 DSCF5910 DSCF5913 DSCF5927 DSCF6332 DSCF6353 DSCF6349 DSCF6342 DSCF6354 DSCF6334 DSCF6338 DSCF6358 DSCF6374 DSCF6376 DSCF6378 DSCF6396 DSCF6389 DSCF6388 DSCF6385 DSCF6380 DSCF6403 DSCF6406 DSCF6408 DSCF6409 DSCF6414 DSCF6428 DSCF6426 DSCF6455 DSCF6473 DSCF6452 DSCF6418 DSCF6416 DSCF6444 DSCF6415 DSCF6450 DSCF6497 DSCF5691 DSCF5749 DSCF5690 DSCF6495 DSCF5719 DSCF6493 DSCF5685 DSCF5682 DSCF6489 DSCF6488 DSCF5679 DSCF5699 DSCF5705 DSCF5709 DSCF5799 DSCF5795 DSCF5787 DSCF5761 DSCF5758 DSCF5803 DSCF5802 DSCF5804 DSCF5806 DSCF5807 DSCF5825 DSCF5821 DSCF5823 DSCF5818 DSCF5808 DSCF5826 DSCF5827 DSCF5828 DSCF5832 DSCF5848 DSCF5872 DSCF5868 DSCF5863 DSCF5849 DSCF5980 DSCF6027 DSCF6023 DSCF6015 DSCF6004 DSCF5994 DSCF6032 DSCF6042 DSCF6045 DSCF6057 DSCF6059 DSCF6099 DSCF6085 DSCF6104 DSCF6082 DSCF6071 DSCF6107 DSCF6166 DSCF6172 DSCF6177 DSCF6179 DSCF6197 DSCF6188 DSCF6187 DSCF6186 DSCF6180 DSCF6201 DSCF6204 DSCF6205 DSCF6213 DSCF6214 DSCF6252 DSCF6240 DSCF6232 DSCF6225 DSCF6245 DSCF6272 DSCF6262 DSCF6257 DSCF6256 DSCF6253 DSCF6275 DSCF6277 DSCF6279 DSCF6295 DSCF6288 DSCF6309 DSCF6305 DSCF6302 DSCF6301 DSCF6297 DSCF6315 DSCF6317 DSCF6318 DSCF6324 DSCF6327“]

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