V. Mediterranean Cup + Master-class

On Saturday, October26, 2019, a seminar for trainers and majorettes took place in the morning in the Sport Centre Bazeni Poljud in Split. I led the seminar together with my assistant Kristýna Daňková. I focused mainly on physical training, because Croatian majorettes have the biggest problem with this part. I pointed out the most common mistakes that occur most often and which they should work on. Coaches and girls were also interested in the correct presentation of gymnastic elements, while of course I pointed out the importance and correctness of working with the equipment pom pom.

On Saturday evening we discussed IFMS and HUMT rules together with coaches and referees. I answered their questions about the differences and our method of evaluation. Unfortunately, technology has not allowed us to evaluate the videos and show the most common mistakes on them.

Sunday 27.10. belonged to the competition V. Mediterranean Cup, where besides me evaluated national and international referees from Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia. There were also teams participating in the competition from the mentioned countries. The Czech Republic was represented by Kristýna Daňková, who also participated in the Miss competition, which the organizers ranked for the time when points were counted and the results of the V. Mediterranean Cup were awaited. Kristyna ended out of 27 participants as 2nd vicemiss and so it was confirmed that the Czech Republic has beautiful girls.

The competition could be compared to our non-advancement competitions. However, it was apparent from the soloists who attended the Saturday morning seminar that they were paying more attention to the mistakes I pointed out. So I believe that with my little help I have contributed to the improvement of movement equipment in Croatia.

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