…. third day of ECH (14.06.2019)

The third competiton day belonged to the cadet age troup with pom poms, grandseniors and mace, after medail ceremony will continued seionrs with baton. At the morning breefing, the leaders were again alerted to adherence to the drinking regime, to the consumption of fruit and vegetables at their wards and caution when staying in the sun and the sea.

The morning competiton atmosphere which literally shook the hall, ended with the announcement of the results. There were 4 hymns: Belarus, Polish, Czech and Croatian. The closing ceremony also included Mrs. Tatjana Charkova, head coach of Black Lotus, club Beralus. She had a birthday and the biggest gift was the medals of their wards.

An extraordinary breefing of the leading grops Elite Ostrava, AMA Opava, Coloseum Dance Team Štěnovice, DDM Nýrsko, MK Ballerisimo Hlučín, Kala – MKZ Havířov, Juventus Karviná, the local organizer Vlado Palac, competition announcer Marta Pavelková, main judge Monika Bergerová and judges: Ivana Poláková, Miloslava Katić, Kamila Charvátová, Michaela Poláková. The reason for calling the breefing was to decide whether to terminate the third day of competition for climati conditions (heat) prematurely. The vote unanimously decided to continue the contest in accordance with the program. The spectators in the hall as well as in live broadcasts could watch the marches, which were a beautiful ending of the third competition day.

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