The strongest moments are comming

Four competition day, it means four times Medal Ceremony where majorettes from 11 states will be the main stars there

Each of you will stand on scene during a celebration ceremony and expect if you hear your name from mouth of announcer. Announcer always reads the names of majorettes and names of teams from last place. There you canĀ“t hear your name. You are calm and believe that your name will not be announced for a long time. Other majorettes have the same feelings. Announcer are declaring 15th place, even now you donĀ“t have the “good luck”, “bad luck” a you canĀ“t hear your name. You will hear a cheer there around and you are more and more restless. For a moment you think about feeling to became World Champion in your category.

You are nudged by friend beside you and suddenly you are in reality again and hear “Congratulation!” For a moment you donĀ“t know why she said it but announcer declined 8th place and your name still isnĀ“t uttered. It means that you canĀ“t expect to obtain a worse place than 7th. Microphone is noisy and announcer declines 7th place. You are concentrating to hear your name well. But even now you didnĀ“t register it. 6th place, 5th place – announcer accelerates the pace and you donĀ“t know if you should be happy or attentively listen and realize her next words.

4th place. You are ready to report with your baton, step ahead and take a place for 4th best majorette of actual category of the world. Definitely you will get a world title. You are experiencing the pleasure which you feel and crying. Your team friends are pleased as well. You experience it like one big family. 3th place,Ā 2th place – announcer protracts her speech deliberately to stronger atmosphere. “The second place and the winner of the title 1st Vice World Champion of majorettes sport …” Now you are assured that the second place is the worst possibility and you will carry about precious metal. “With the number 85,25 of points is…” You are surrounded by the greatest pleasure which you have ever experienced.

IFMS-WCH-SPARTA ARENA_2015You realize that you are the WORLD CHAMPION because the biggest your rival is getting a cup for winner with silver medal. Announcer of competitions calmly announces: “World Champion Majorettes Sport with number 85,30 of points is..” YOU became the winner. A hall is full of joy. You feel the thrill of the whole you team all long way to the podium, which belongs to you. You are the best majorettes! Years of hard work and training were successful. You canĀ“t be concentrated, they are giving a hand to you to congratulate for new title WORLD CHAMPION and give a diploma with cup for a totally winner. It seems to be incredible. You bow a head and are decorated with gold medal. It is so heavy but you are proud of your title. You straighten your back, lift your head and listen the most beautiful anthem. It sounds just for you. , you raise your head and listen to the beautiful fair-earned anthem, which is played FOR YOU.

“Congratulations and we hope you will write a similar article!”

Official page 3. World Championship Majorettes SportĀ Article 2015

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