The Seminar report from Kazakhstan

Seminar report held on the occasion of 8th year of Championship cheerleading Kazakhstan on 25 – 26 March 2016

Visit of Kazakhstan, where IFMS organized a seminar for the Kazakhstan federation of sports aerobics, majorette, twirling and artistic dance, which has seat in Alma- Ata, based on IFMS´s decision were participated:
Ing. Josef Doležel, president of IFMS
Monika Bergerová, Chairwoman of Panel of judges and coach of majorettes Mona Nachod
Bc.Anna Bergerová, assistant coach Mona Nachod

The seminar focused on the specification of the most important organizational rules and criteria for performance evaluation including a point system and method of evaluation.
In the practical part of the seminar there was arranged accurate demonstration of technical elements in physical training, working with equipment baton according scale of difficulty in every age category, all led by Monika Bergerová. Bc. Anna Bergerová presented the demonstrations and technical elements with Baton.

Partner meetings, the concept of cooperation and further development majorettes sport in Kazakhstan led by President IFMS Ing. Josef Doležel together with the president of the Federation Alimzhanem Kassenovem. Mr. Kassenov has contributed to the mutual interpretation during the seminar.

Important outcome of the visit are newly established mutual relations with the Kyrgyz federation, which has shown interest in joining the IFMS. Colleagues from the Kyrgyz Republic have shown interest in organization of the seminar in their republic, also Kazakh federation would like to repeat the seminar this autumn.

Insights of Anna Bergerová from Kazakhstan:
“Next “outing” of this year was to faraway Kazakhstan in the center of Eurasia, directly into its largest city Almaty. The road was very far and due to the fact that I flew for the first time was very adventurous. Also my mother Monika Bergerová got involved the expedition. She acted there as judge trainer and as judge at their national competition. She surprised me in the role of a faithful translator and teacher of Russian language. I cannot speak Russian and don´t know Cyrillic. Great helper and expert of everything needed was president of IFMS, Ing. Josef Doležel, who also took care of the daily dose of humor! After seventeen hours of traveling without sleep (We arrived at 1 am our time and at quarter to seven local time), they picked us up at the airport, brought to the hotel where we just managed to take a shower, have breakfast, and immediately to move into the hall.

The seminar took more than seven hours, we had to work out exactly and queries confirmed interest. About a topic how it was challenging, it is not necessary to write, you have to experience it. Time shift has been relentless and we tried to catch it. But we incredibly appreciate the local hospitality. Especially hospitality of Mrs. Alfiye Kalmaganbetové and her husband, who invented everything, arranged for us to we feel pampered…

The next day we got a role of judges at the Kazakhstan Open Championship and were able to get to know not only local majorettes level, but also the level of cheerleaders and twirling.

Girls and local coaches were very enthusiastic and looking forward to further cooperation and especially to meeting during international competitions organized by IFMS.
Thank you again for travel permit to Almaty and for a great new experience. ”

“26 марта 2016 г. Состоялся первый мастер класс и семинар для мажореток Казахстана. 53 мажоретки приняли участие в интереснейшем событии умении работать с батоном под виртуозным управлением г-жи Моники и Анны Бергеровых. А также 8 тренеров из Казахстана, получили знания уровней и сложности. Такие семинары помогают развитию нового вида спорта Спортивные Мажоретки в Казахстане. Такие спортивные события необходимо делать ежегодно, для роста и профессионализма. Наша федерация выражает благодарность за содействие в развитии Мировую Федерацию Спортивных Мажореток и мистеру Джозефу Долежел за поддержку нашей федерации и желание глобального развития мажореток в мире.”

Alfiya Kalmaganbetova

translated from Czech

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