Thank you WCH2018

“My words cannot express the joy of today’s broadcast at CT sport and the promotion of MajorettesSport. The wind blowing into the sails of the ship you are driving is gaining even more on the strength and directionappearing the new horizon. Appropriately, “hat down” before your work, as well as the diligence of majorettes, the creativity of the choreographers, the conscientiousness of the organizers, the objectivity of the jury people, the articulacy of the commentators, the honesty of the online stream and the devotion of the fans ”

Filip Ruml, Juventus Karviná

“We would like to thank you for the perfect experience and great organization of the whole WCH contest. Because we have attended the competition days as perindividualcategories and therefore it was not possible for us to go everybody at once as a team, so we had the opportunity to experience the organization on almost every competition day. All went smoothly how desired. Broadcasting, moderators, times, no useless delays, even the continuous rating did not slow downanything (great performance), really “hat down”. I believe there would be critics, as always, but criticism is good, it moves us further to improve. This as the team that is also the organizer, both of its own competitions and the qualifying round of the Czech Championship, namely in much smaller scale, we know, and we can say what we are talking about. Full preparation and organization is very demanding. Once again, great thanks and with the wish of much power to further years, bye-bye”

Tomáš a a Hana Hozovi, Charlie Hradec nad Moravicí

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