Seminar for trainers, chiefs, assistants in Pazardzhik City

A seminar for trainers, chiefs, assistants (28 persons) and majorettes (34 persons) in Pazardzhik City, Bulgaria, this time for the organizing city of Grand Prix

Bulgaria is a country with strong historical and national roots, in the area of music and dance it expresses its relation to folklore and national costumes. At the time of our stay we were able to see a folk ensemble testing. With admiration, we watched devotion, humility, respect and joy from the demonstrated show.

Seminar for trainers, chiefs, assistants in Pazardzhik City (2)Majorettes sport, its rules and practical examples of elements and choreographies are very different from national traditions. While folklore preserves the treasures of the past, Majorettes sport responds to the feelings of the young generation, to their movement and musical diversity, variety in clothing, makeup and haircuts.

If we can compare though only the short-term development of Majorettes sport in Bulgaria, then as the basis can be used the first participation of the Mystery Pazardzhik Majorettes, the IIIrd year of the WCH in Prague and repeat the words of club chief Mrs. SlavaAndonova “We are here for the first time and we are aware that we do not have to win for the first time, but we want to look at the performance level and level of the organization and can think about it for the future.” Seminar for trainers, chiefs, assistants in Pazardzhik City (1)At the Vth year of the WCH, the Bulgarian anthem for the winner yet sounded, the 1st place in the pom-pom event, the solo event, the age category of the senior, and that is a big challenge. Motivating was also the placement of the group of seniors in 3rd place.The achievements achieved by the Mystery can be inscribed to the interest of both the charges side and the support of the Children’s Complex, which is led by Mrs. EmiiyaSpasova, to the support of the city and, last but not least, to the quality seminar with the Czech leaders of Majorettes sport held last year.

This year’s seminar is important for the preparation of clubs to participate in the Grand Prix, from 8 to 10 June 2018,Pazardzhik City will belong to the Majorettes sport. The participation of trainers and clubs chiefs at the seminar focuses on a better orientation in the rules and a practical part then on a qualitative shift in training and understanding of Majorettes sport, with the result of possible participation in international competition on home soil.Seminar for trainers, chiefs, assistants in Pazardzhik City (3)

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