…. second day of ECH (13.06.2019)

The second competition day started the age category cadet with baton, after the announcement of the results continued category seniors with pom pom.

On the starting list was merged cadet march + cadet stage. The minimum number of five formations is not fulfilled, it can be dropped from the starts in the unfulfilled discipline or merged to allow the starts. The leader of the merged teams sought to change the starting list in favor of an unfulfilled discipline and to pretend majorette sport with a proposal to buy medals for merged formations. The starting lis has not been changed and medals have not been provided.

The European Championship takes place in Crikvenice for the fourth time. The destination was chosen according to the wishes of the leaders, the sea with the beaches attracts to recreation, the expeditions include in their program. Traveling, derailing from the normal eating regime, staying in the sun by the sea, nevousness before the start, performance in demostrating the competition, these are the causes that the body runs out of time faster, expecially if the drinking regime is underestimated. At the end of the competition day, when there were only two formations on the start list, the first collapse from the same expedition was announced. The health service called in all cases diagnosed dehydration of the body.

While on the first day only the Czech national anthem was played, the second day was replaced by the Bulgarian and Polish anthem. It was also awarded the IFMS Special Prize to the youngest participants – Baton Cadet Black Lotus – Belarus for their well – deserved performace and motivation for the future.

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