Royal blue decorated with medals VII. WCH

Medal for VII. World Majorette Sport World Championships await the winner. On the front page (avers) the graphic designer placed the Prague logo, the competition logo and important data such as full title, year and date. The medals are dominated by bows – a ribbon tied into a decorative loop and a real ribbon with a motif of decoration from the edge of the medal, highlighted in the same way as the WCH royal blue logo.

The royal blue represents above all the clarity of the perception of the inner and outer, the understanding and acceptance of the psychic connection that leads to the above-earth empire (sometimes also called the realm of angels). Furthermore, courage and determination to pass through this gate and live one’s own conviction, trust and knowledge. If one accepts this process, neutrality and objectivity becomes a matter of course, because one can see every matter from all sides. Royal Blue also harmonizes our personal motivations, perceptions and expectations, as well as our tendency to hesitate. In times when we need to deal with difficult and persistent matters, it is good to meditate with royal blue.

The back is dominated by the IFMS logo, in a clean space around, the bow replaced the dominant bow tie, a social supplement four centuries old.

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