Recent activity in HUMT

In February, it held a annual meeting, where we accepted six new teams.

12 Recent activity in HUMT (2)An arbitration commission attended a regular annual training of judges. HUMT received a reports about young judges (trainees) from the judges, who advised them and they acted like mentors. HUMT has 11 licensed judges and 3 trainee judges, who intern this season.

Within the school a seminar of Latin American dances was organized for beginner trainers and for advanced trainers.

In March there were held a regional tournament. One of them was hosted by the city of Ivanić-Grad (near Zagreb) in the northern part of Croatia and also town Porec placed in the southern part of Croatia. On May 28 there will be held National Competition in town Sisak, on which the first three soloists from the regional tournament were qualified.

Tanja Gasparic

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