Open Championship of Moscow of majorettes

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More than 200 participants gathered in Open Championship of Moscow of majorettes.
Championships held January 31, 2015. Almost all day participants showed their programs in the disciplines Russian Majorettes Federation . 6 cities of Russia were presented immediately – Moscow, Istra, Kolomna, Yaroslavl, Taldom, Kupavna. We are pleased to announce that every event of our calendar geography of participants expands. At this championship were announced special nominations: “Golden Baton”, “Golden Pompon”, “Golden Drum”, and we are ready to publish the names of the winners:
So the “Golden Baton” – Tatiana Solozobova
“Golden Pompon” – Smirnova Taisa
“Golden Drum” – National team – Ensemble Majorettes and drummer (Istra)

And at the end of the Championship was to determine the absolute winner, won the Cup Grand Prix and a cash prize fund – National collective ensemble “Marsh Parade” (Kolomna). We once again congratulate all participants and wish to continue a decent dance-sport season. Ahead of the Championship of Russia, summer camps and international competitions.

Thank teams and leaders for their participation:

1. Ensemble Majorettes and drummer (Istra)
2. National collective ensemble “Marsh Parade” (Kolomna)
3. Dance Theatre “Sdelai shag” (Moscow)
4. Exemplary team majorettes “Serpentine” (Taldom)
5. Dance Studio ┬źModern┬╗ (Moscow)
6. Dance Ensemble “Nastroenie” (Staraya Kupavna)
7. ┬źMy Team’s Sea┬╗ (Yaroslavl)
8. “CSKA-Prime” (Moscow)

But Moscow Open Championship was remembered not only bright competitive program, but also that that at the Opening Ceremony was summed up in 2014 and were awarded the annual national award in the field of dance art ┬źNational Dance Awards┬╗.
The winners of the nominations:
1. “The best team of the year” – National collective ensemble “Marsh Parade” (Kolomna)
2. “The Best Coach of the Year” – Peregudova Nadezhda
3. “Discovery of the Year” – National team – Ensemble Majorettes and drummer (Istra)
4. “For contribution to the development direction of” Majorettes “in Russia” – a team sport dance “Rhythms of the City” (Dobryanka)
5. “Best Judge of the Year” – Olga Yurchenko

Congratulations to all the winners and reminded that the annual premium and fight for the right to be the best there is still a whole year !!!

Now the winner of the championship are actively preparing for GRAND PRIX MAJORETTES SPORT in Croatia and for III WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MAJORETTES SPORT in Prague

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