At first glance at the medal, it may seem that the medal is not complete, that part of it is missing from the complete circle, as a symbol of unity. Of course, there is no shortage; it is just an expression of non-standard events that have affected and complicated many things, majorette sport included. It is a symbol of faith that just as the moon in the sky grows to its full moon, so the sport of majorette will grow to its original wholeness.

The wand, the most commonly used tool of the majorettes, is clearly depicted, but in the semicircle you can find the symbolism of the fringes, in the wavy lines of the fluttering of the banners. The dominant one is the Roman numeral IX, the ordinal designation of the year. However, the number nine has its numerological meaning, it is the number of completion, reaching and fulfillment.

The wine color chosen for the ribbon symbolizes spiritual strength, tenderness, gentleness, devotion, it is the color of a gentle way of life, restrained elegance, festive moods and sentimental feelings.

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