introduction of the 2018 season

Dear majorettes, ladies and gentlemen,

a few days ago it was not just the end of another calendar year, but also of the competition year, with the International Federation Majorettes Sport (IFMS) being the fifth. If we look back on that year, we can say that it was aboth challenging and successful season. We were very pleased with the number of formations in all international competitions.Increasing interest indicates a well-defined direction that leads to higher performance levels of competitors in all disciplines and age categories. International comparison of performances is the best way to unify the majorettes sport. I would like to thank this way once again all those who have contributed to this trend.

The World Championship is the culmination of the entire season. IFMS Leadership selected for its organizing Prague, Capital of the Czech Republic. This choice was deliberate. I dare to say that the Czech Republic is one of the longest-running countries in the history of majorettes sport. After all, the phrase “majorettes sport” was created here and it was given the basis of the rules for this contemporary sport destined especially for the girls.The advantage for the organizing of this top competition in Prague is that we can fulfill WCH with a high-quality performance level in those disciplines and age categories that are not sufficiently represented by foreign participants. The Czech Republic covers the largest portfolio of participants but is also a guarantee of quality.

It’s great that majorettes sport spreads through Europe, Asia and other continents. I believe that there is not far the time when the ratio of participants will be balanced and the World Championship will be in the capital of another country; moreover, the rising level of foreign participants gives evidence to their being placed on medal places.I would like to thank once again this way all those who are interested in majorettes sport from countries all around the world who have an eminent interest in participating in IFMS competitions or are only becoming acquainted with the majorettes sport. They bring not only to us but also to the competitions new impulses and insights. We use them to improve and complement the disciplines following their incorporation into the competition rules.

Our goal is to organize regularly or co-organize contests in majorettes sport on all world continents. We know it’s a demanding journey. We can gladly say that the European Championship or the Grand Prix held under the IFMS heading brings its fruit; becoming a tradition and mapping and expanding the fame of majorettes sport. I thank the Polish, Croatian, Russian, Czech organizers and expectant organizersfrom Bulgaria and Kyrgyzstan for support.

We are trying to establish new contacts, which is a long-term activity; joining an existing performance class is not easy for emerging clubs. IFMS support for new adepts is given; IFMS sends the best-experienced experts-lecturers of majorettessport into the countries that want to join majorettesaction (e.g. Belarus, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Croatia).
To promote and improve the understanding of the majorettes sport there are introduced online broadcasts with sports commentators. Thanks you all the current commentators who took the job. At the same time, it is also a challenge for new candidates, do not hesitate and log in (contact, our vision is that commenting will be also in other languages.
The future in the area of better awareness is in facebook. For this purpose, individual member states delegate its moderator; his/her role lies in publishing of information and interesting things from the area of his/hercompetence.

I look forward to meeting you again
Good luck, Josef Doležel

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