Interview with president Ing. Josef Doležel

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The World Championship in Prague from drawing near, Mr Doležel was present in many national championships and we asked:


President IFMS - Ing. Josef DoleželMr. Ing. Josef Dolezel in the years 1996 – 2003 a significant proportion as Director of Haná mineral acidulous Springs, s.r.o., credited with the heyday of majorettes sport. Contributed to the development of a new, modern, girl´s sport. The annual competition the majorettes in Hranice city with international participation not only gained popularity and interest in competing, but also many new groups both in the in Czech and abroad.
With the development of new disciplines and competition grew not only quantity, but mainly about the new elements and choreography with the quality you deliver.
After the establishment of the Federation was Ing. Josef Doleželovi given the unanimous confidence, and was elected to the Presidency of the IFMS.


1. Ever occurred to you that will compete at the World Championships of things?

15 years ago, if someone told me that the majorettes, previously only beauty and accompaniment music, will have a separate World Championships, so I told him that this is unrealistic and at least the perfect idea. I’m extremely glad that thanks to the obstinate harden, huge lighting and high dedication of all supporters of majorettes sport and enthusiasts of our production team, initially perhaps the ideal vision becoming a reality.

2. You know from the perspective of competition V.I. P. Guest-sponsor. How do you prepare for this high competition from the perspective of the Organizer?

Especially surprised me high professionalism in organizing Committee.
Last year they prepared a rough outline of the timetable, which was actually, despite many legislative difficulties and complicated organization have to follow until that dream goal – a new organisation registered in the registry of the international organizations International Federation Majorettes section Sport is based in Prague and the 1. Open World Championship Majorettes Sport for us, in Prague.
Put together and search the individual continents and States the right connection at the appropriate Association and accommodating key managers, in various world languages, it does not only courage, but also expertise and appropriate language.
From my experience from earlier years I know how complex and extensive preparatory work for such projects are.
Challenging the Organization the whole event, including the provision of adequate spaces, transport, accommodation, meals to ensure accreditation of erudite and experienced judges and various legislative formalities in such a short time is truly unbelievable.
However, I believe that we have not forgotten anything important, and the entire event will be successful.

3. How are you looking forward to the performances of the contestants?

So the big climax shows high performance in the 20th century. Edition of the Championship of the Czech Republic in the majorettes, with a team of organizers led with “survivor” of all the years of Ms. Marta Pavelkovou, looking forward to the most!
I think that it is not in the world a man whose eyes are like on a cold movement of beautiful girls and women with a smile on his lip, radiating energy, contagious joy of movement and rhythmic music….

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