In Prague-Radotín there were both the race and the voting

The last Saturday in May was not only in sign of the long-prepared contest of the 9th Bohemia Grand Prix, but also in sign of the European Parliament elections. Both of these events met in the sports hall of the Prague 16 – Radotin district, and so it happened that both the race andthe votingwere under one roof. The local organizer, Majorettes Bailar Prague, had to deal with space restrictions, which reduced the capacity for changing rooms. Participants’ understanding and thought fulness, however, helped to make the competition it self unprecedented, and everything was done in accordance with the program, the rules, under the abundant attendance of the audience, especially in the morning part.

Competitors from the following clubs came to the competition:
Ametyst DDM Nýrsko, Crazy Mažoretky Dům dětí a mládeže TREND Roudnice n.L., Daisy Ostrava, Elité Ostrava, Giny Brodek u Přerova, Klub mažoretek Valtice, Klub mažoretek Zakřany, Koloseum Dance Team Štěnovice, LASSIES Brno, LV 2 Sokol Písek, Mažoretky BELLA Junior Chotěboř, Mažoretky Hraběnky Kamenice, Mažoretky Panterky Dolní Beřkovice, Mažoretky TSAirai Borek, Mirabell Teplice, Mona Náchod, Tarabičky Nové Strašecí, Mažoretka Nový Bydžov, Postřelmovské mažoretky Postřelmov, PV Team Vimperk, SARRA Trutnov, Sevensport Příbram, SCARLETTE České Budějovice, TS Mažoretky Minnie Český Těšín, Plesna udruga Dijamant Sisak, CRO, Plesna udruga Ritmokracija Brdovec, CRO, Zelinske Mažoretkinje CRO, Tupot Dabrowa PL and local Mažoretky Bailar Praha – TJ Sokol Petrovice I.

Twenty girls in costumes from the organizing team and from the Mažoretky Hraběnky Kamenice club brought 5 flags to the site (Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Grand Prix, IFMS) and the opening was started. After the introduction of the chiefs, choreographers, assistants, who accompanied their wards to this competition, all the present and the audience at the live broadcast were greeted by its director, Mrs. Ivana Stribrska. Furthermore, the VIP guests, Mrs. Milosava Katić, the president of Hrvatsko udruženije mažoretkin timova (HUMT), Mr. Vlado Palac, the Vice President of HUMT and Mrs. Marta Pavelková, Vice President of the International Federation of IFMS, presented the greeting. Mr. André Němec, Deputy Mayor of the Gymnastic Unity of Sokol Praha – Petrovice I, officially declared the contest as opened. Thanks on bealf of all the majorettes, was presented by Nikola Kutilová, representative of the Bailar Club

The interest in participating in the competition was enormous, the capacity was fulfilled before the final rounds of the Czech Championship. Other candidates, as well as the Jiri Necid Memorial, then waited for the check-outs of those who obtained the advancing in the final rounds of the Czech Championship. Several places were also released by the health indisposition, but it was just tightly before the competition and it was astonishing that the others waiting in order in such a tight deadline arrived and filled the vacancies. While it is administratively demanding for the local organizer and for the announcer, yet other girls got in this way the chance. The pity was, however, those places on the starting list, which were not checked out and the entered formation did not start.

The competition was diversified by foreign participants, was running smoothly, ran according to the time schedule, the announcement of the results was brisk and in the afternoon block the competitors were able to catch the train after the announcement.

IFMS Cup as a well-deserved award and for further motivationhas been awarded
• TS Airai Borek, CZ, a group of cadets with the tool baton
• Dijamant, Sisak, CRO, group of seniors classic
• Zelinske Mažoretkinje, CRO, a group of seniors with tool baton
• SARRA Trutnov, CZ, a group of seniors with the tool baton

With thanks and the Sokol greeting “hello”, together with the deputy mayor of Sokol A. Němec

Marta Pavelková

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