IFMS will visit Kazakhstan

After bilateral proceeding, which was raised by WCH participation of colleagues from Kazakhstan and majorettes in Prague, was arranged a working meeting – a workshop with the purpose of training for judges and coaches. Mrs. Monika Bergerov√° will lead the workshop and Ms. Anińćka Bergerov√° will performance particular elements of majorettes sport. Both of them will be accompanied by President IFMS Mr. Ing. Josef DoleŇĺel.

Ms. Alfiya Kalmaganbetova representing Kazakhstan Federation of Sports Aerobics, Majorettes, twirling and Artistic Dance from Alamo, wrote:
“We’re happy because you will come to our competition on March 26. The seminar for judges and coaches will be on March 25. Meanwhile we do not have any performance levels, therefore we need a practical demonstration for our majorettes. We want to see Ms. Anna Bergerov√° in our competition. Also for parents will be interesting to see how the professional majorette works. “

translated from Czech

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