…. first day of ECH(12.06.2019)

The first competiton day belonged to juniors with baton equipment and seniors with pompom. The evening belonged to VIP guests, presidents of participating countries and delegates.

It goes without saying that sunny weather, which doesn´t save heat is reflected on the thermometer in the hall. Although hal lis air- conditioned. The number of competitors and filled tribune they heat the hall with heat from the inside. Yet it is much better in the hall than in the outdoor June heat. The organizers also counted on this option when designing the start list. Annoucement of the results is after each comprehesive discipline so the participants could leave the hall as soon as possible.

Favorite, but more time – consuming, interim results have been omitted to minimaze lobby time. It was successful and at the time when the last formation was to start, the results were annouced at the hall was preparing for nex day competiton.

A standardized podium was installed in the hall for stage appearances, the same as the contestants know from IFMS competitons.

A march in whis gymnastic or otherwise demanding elements are not included, can also start on another surface.

Such a possibility reduces the demands on transport from Czech republic and on the installation. The second option is to combine a route with a stadardized surface and parquet. However a comment was made on this variant, the morning marches were over the parquet. That was the only reminder of the day.

At the evening meeting were discussed, not only course of the championship, but also the current status and perfomace level of majorettes, the majorette sport trends and the possibilities of championships in different countries. Let us be surprised but the choice of place to maintain the quantity and quality of competitors is restrictive.

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