Editorial, Josef Doležel

The turn of the year is usually associated with assessments of the previous one and planning the next year.

The biggest event was yet the Sixth World Championship. The increase in the number of nominated formations and the increasing quality of the performances are the result of hard work from the training to the organization of the top competition, and all those who take part in this competition have my admiration and thanks.

Importantelementsfornomination are not onlynationalchampionships, but alsointernationalberthcompetitions in Majorettes sport, Grand Prix Silesia Ostrava, CZ, the Memorial of JiříNecidVimperk, CZ, the European Championship in Crikvenica, Croatia, Back Together Přerov, CZ, Grand Prix Moscow, Russia, I would like to thank all the participants and the organizers.

By medializingthe Majorettes sport gets public awareness, live broadcast was successful, so was the online stream, competitions were watched by thousands of spectators. For the first time in the history of the development of Majorettes sport, the ČT sport television broadcast live broadcasts of majorettes groups with baton and fringes. The attendance of websites www.ifms-majorettes.comis also increasing.

The new feature for the year 2019 is the World Championship for Performance Class B. This performance class is determined for new entrants who are still being acquainted with all aspects of the Majorettes Sport. To motivate them, it is necessary to compare the results, but with advanced class A performance the comparison is difficult. I fully support the introduction of the lower performance class up to the world championship, I believe that it brings to children and teenagers positive results from the first meeting with Majorettes sport at the chosen level. If this novelty “grabs” and the number of participants increases, then the B-class championship can be held on another date and in another place, in some member country.

I wish to allofmydedicatedcoaches, choreographers, parents, contestants, sponsors and fansofMajorettesSports a lot ofstrength, inspiration and happiness.

Josef Doležel,

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