Charlie is proud of the title of the Champion and the World’s second female champion

The Charlie Majorettes, also this year, represented the town of Hradec nad Moravicí at the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in majorettes sport. The championship was held in the last holiday week in the Královka sports hall in Prague. The hall hosted from 23rd-26th August 2017 majorettes from all over the world.560 formations competedand almost 4000 majoretteschanged here. And there was really something to look at, excellent performances performed by the majorettes from 12 countries.

Our Majorettes Charlie took with their competition setsthe forefront and we are proud to be for the fifth yearin the top ten of the world’s best majorettes. We can boast of a great place and right two titles – THE WORLD FEMALE CHAMPION, which was won by senior duo Sylvie Kocianova and Sabina LukŇ°√≠ńćkov√° and the title of THE SECOND VICE WORLDFEMALE CHAMPION, that was fought by the senior marching parade. With other competition sets, we were placed at 2x seventh and 1x ninth places.

Our town representative was also appreciated by the Mayor Josef V√≠cha with the words: “I greet all the world female champion and vicefemale champion and I am very happy and, of course, proud of them, of you parents, coaches, escorts and everything that is related !! ! I saw the competition just the first day and the performances were really world-class and being female worldchampions, it must be yet really good, and that your charges and our representatives ARE !!!! Thans very much toall and I wish a nice day and everything good in it, and other successes in and also outside competitions.” We thank the mayor not only for his wish but also for the great support we receive.

With the World Cup, we have finished the great 2017 sports season and we thank the girls for their perfect performances and fighting spirit. We thank the coaches Marcela TesaŇôov√°, Sylvie Kocianov√°, assistants Lucie Bernhauerov√° and Barbora Jahnov√° for the great preparation of our majorettes. We are looking forward to the 2018 season and we hope that other ladies will join us to expand our ranks.

We would like to thank all fans of majorettes sport for their support, the successes of Charlie Majorettes can be seen on our website in the success section, the direct broadcast of the given rounds of the Czech Republic Championship

Management of Majorettes Charlie

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