Bishkek KGZ 2018

On the first day after the arrival, on Friday, the seminar was held at the school gymnasium – “masterclass”. During an interview with the headmaster, I found out that the school had 2,400 pupils, going to school 6 days a week, but this is balanced by summer holidays of 3 months. There were 80 applicants registered to the masterclass, in fact more than a hundred candidates came to the hall. Leading such a number of people is exhausting for the lecturer even though there was sound system, including the microphone. The training time was stretched at the wish of the children to practice the common composition “Hooray majorettes”. This composition was performed by the contestants on Sunday after the competition ending, for the first time in Asia. For us, there was an unusual number of boys, both in training and in competition, forming whole groups.

The name of the city means “place under mountains” and has about 1 million inhabitants, the official languages are two, Kyrgyz and Russian are spoken here.


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