World Majorettes Cup

2. World Majorettes Cup 2020

part of 8. World Championship Majorettes Sport 2020

1. World Majorettes Cup 2019 

part of 7. World Championship Majorettes Sport 2019

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I. World Majorettes Cup started –> article…


This cup competition is the “forerunner”
of the real Majorettes Championship

Its primary purpose is to give the opportunity to beginners majorettes,
who are familiar with the difficulty of international competitions and majorette sport.
The organizers included the first year under the auspices of the
International Federation Majorettes Sport on the day before the World Championship.
The purpose is to motivate other applicants to become interested in majorette sport
and to participate in a major international competition intended primarily for girls.
For the first time they compare their performances majorettes from the
Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine.