Seminar in Crikvenica

Into the training calendar for the IFMS member countries’ there was put the trainingcourse for judges focusing on the method of technical judges evaluationand a motion training seminar in Croatia. Mrs. Monika Berger, Chief Judge, was delegated for the seminar and Anna Berger as a motion training instructor. Both events took place on 16.9.2017. The problem that the lecturers had to deal with right at the beginning was that training for trainers and trainingcourses for judges werefully overlapped as for time and also theytook place in different places. While the training of judges had a limited number of participants, around 100 girls of different ages and different physical maturity waited in the sports hall in Crikvenica.

Organizing of such seminars is very demanding for lecturers, not only for the time and preparation, but also for the demonstration itself. Not only did all the girls not understand English, but to shout the hall without a soundwith such a number of children is for the lecturerexhausting, and the effort is then losing effect.

For the next organization of seminars it is necessary the attendance mainly of trainers and only a few girls (e.g. 3 girls on a trainer). The purpose is to show how trainers and assistants shall work with children and how to avoid mistakes. Participants need to see well the elements being demonstrated and understand the interpretation, then such seminars will be beneficial and their effect will contribute more quickly to the development of Majorette Sport.

The training of the judges was focused on the work of atechnical judge, who calculates the elements of the Vthlevel. Participants also wrote a test to verify their rulesknowledge. The discussion was focused on the past 5th WCH. Most it was talked about further training of judges by way of joint evaluation with Czech referees, preferably at some competitions of the 2018 calendar. Further, there was a discussion of the Classical Majoretteevent, there were comments on the selection of music and costumes.

Monika Bergerová

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