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How I became an entrant of commentators

How I became an entrant of commentators

It was interesting to return to the milieu that was for many years my life, and it literally. I have never imagined that I would ever have to end up dancing. Never. Of course, the time is coming for everyone. The Majorettes sport did not stop to interest me, so I used the opportunity to return to the majorettes from another position, namely a commentator. I had certain ideas or expectations in terms of competitor performance, competitive atmosphere or overall atmosphere in the hall, etc., but I must say that the expectations were absolutely overtaken, I was amazed at the sports performances in the competition sets. I was most amazed at the huge step forwards, even in teams I would not have expected so much. The morel I would like to pay tribute to all of the participants, and throw a hat off, even to the cadets who, at such an early age, can make such magic with two batons. Likewise, it is worth mentioning the pom-pom event that would not be left behind in comparison with a soappreciated event such as for example gymnastics at various international competitions or Olympics, as well as the event baton itself,which thanks to the possibility of gymnastic elements, has moved several levels higher and it in many artistic perspectives.

It was a pleasure for me to work in a new team of commentators on Majorettes sport. I hope that there is not far the time when the Majorette sport will receive such attention of the media and the public it really deserves, and that there has gone off the time of “ridiculous” soldiers in a girl’s performance who are marching with a baton in their hand.

Maintaining Majorettes sport in the established quality will continue to be challenging for all involved and I will be very pleased that as a member of the team of commentators of Majorettes sport I can contribute to the reputation of this new sport and be at the center of the Majorettes events.

Eva Steppanová

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Excitement, fighting spirit, elegance, flexibility,…

Excitement, fighting spirit, elegance, flexibility,…

5. WorldChampionshipMajorettes Sport

Excitement, fighting spirit, elegance, flexibility, make-up, styling mousse, colorful costumes – these were Majorettes in Prague, thus the 5th World Championship Majorettes Sports. The Majorettes are no longer about marching and baton spinning, it gives evidence about it not only the participation of 560 formations, when almost 4000 competitors from all over the world took turns on start, but also the excellent performances that make majorettes into the field of sport.

WCH MajorettesSport_IFMS_201729The Kralovka Sports Hall belonged to the Majorettes at the end of August – the 5th World Championship Majorettes Sport. Competitors raced their competition sets in colorful costumes from 23th– 26th August 2017. A strong starting field were filled with teams from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Kyrgysztan …… The Championship was shielded by the Mayor of Prague, Adriana Krnáčová and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Majorettes competed in four basic categories: cadet, junior, senior and grandsenior, either in teams or in small formations: solo, duo, and mini. The competition events were the same for all categories: the baton (stick), the pom-pom (fringes), the flag (flag), the mix (a combination of equipment), the majorettes show and the newly established “classic” event.

The Czech teams had the strongest representation, after all, the Czech Republic is the cradle of the Majorettes sport. It is no wonder, therefore, that the Czech teams reigned in medal positions.

There were given 59 gold medals, 56 silver and 54 bronze medals, most of them stayed at home clubs, and also groups from Poland and Russia were doing well.

The Czech representation have been astonishing the majorettes world not only in their number, but mainly in their performances. The original march is replaced in choreography by elements of dance sport, gymnastics, it also the ballet trainingis necessary. Everything is made more difficult by working with equipment, most often with baton(stick) and pom-pom (fringes), it grows as wellthe number of combinations of equipment and flags, eliminating is the majorettesshow. Of 99%, it is a sport for the girls, but also men have already found their way into the majorettes groups. During the championship they were represented mainly in grandsenior age groups (over 27), where they presented with their women perfect choreography with an idea. All of this, together with the appealing appearance, gives majorettes events the right style that attracts spectators of all ages.

The Vice President of the Majorettes Federation, Marta Pavelkova, evaluated this year’s championship as follows:

“If the majorettes sport will be developed by the current pace, it will be necessary to expand the world championship with another day (compared: to this year’s 560 formations, the first year 277 formations) and more than a third of the formations (36%) were from abroad. Almost fully occupied grandstands, issued accreditations, on-line broadcasting (on-line stream), broadcasting a record on CT Sports, these are proofs of interest in a new, modern, majorettes sport. We will continue to prepare both competitions and rules to promote the lifestyle development and feelings of the young generation, their musical, dance and costume hobbies, to support the natural creativity of choreographers, coaches and majorettes. It is a challenging task, but the reward is increasing interest in majorettes sport in both children and youth, as well as in organizing cities and towns, the audience and, last but not least, the media. “

Ing. Jana Poskerová, publicist

Official page WCH 2017 Official article

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World Championship in Majorettes Sport for Fifth time

World Championship in Majorettes Sport for Fifth time

The Královka Sports Hall, Nad Královskou oborou, Prague – Bubeneč, will be on August 23-26, 2017 for majorettes sport. The start of each competition day is always at 09:00 h. The competition is primarily for girls under 26, but we will also have a look at 14 groups of age category above 27. At the start, there will be more WCH2017_IFMS_World Championship Majorettes Sport_web4than 3,000 majorettes in twenty disciplines and four age categories. To the majorettes sport, which originated in the Czech Republic in 2001, preceded several years of development. In 1994 in Hranice (Moravia) took place a competition parade of majorettes groups and laid the foundation for the creation of the first competition rules in this area. The interest of majorettes in participating in the competition over the course of three years has reached such a boom that groups have been reported to Hranice even from abroad, and qualifying rounds have been introduced in the Czech Republic. Hranice left the final for itself. The Majorettes Movement, the most widespread in Central Europe, have long been balancing between culture and sport. Gradually, however, the Majorettes were led to the sports halls. Increased performance has increased the demands on competition areas. Majorettes for showing more and more demanding competition sets were not enough outdoor areas with different surfaces, often uneven, depending on the weather or provisional measure including imperfect sound system. According to Mr. Aleš Svoboda, who has been following the development for several years (in Hořice, the contests have been holding for 16 years), majorettes sport is a graduate sport, not only in the Czech Republic. The Czech representation in Prague is the most represented and the performances of the charges have been amazing the majorettes world not only with its quality but also with its quantity. This prime is undoubtedly the result of the leadership of the Czech Championship in majorettes sport, which educates the elite of majotrettes in the Czech Republic. By introducing the two performance classes A and B, the advancing competitions, where talents are still open to higher and international competitions, and capable representatives are by this way motivated. The original march step has been replacing by elements of dance sport, gymnastics, ballet training and a well-composed choreography are necessary, and everything is made harder by the use of tools, baton and pom-pom are most used, flags are now on the increase, and the combination of tools is gaining popularity. Other attributes of majorettes are colorful costumes, hairstyles, makeup. Everything is coming to Prague to compare with the other majorettes clubs from Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Madagascar, and yet from other countries, if they handle visa, finance and other necessities in time for participating in such top-level competition.

All four of the competition days will be possible to watch via the Internet by so called live broadcast (on-line stream), available at as well as on a record broadcast on CT (Czech Television) on 30.08.2017 in events in the region.

The championship is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and the Prague City Hall, which sponsored the competition.

Official page WCH 2017 Official article Official article

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ECH in Crikvenica for the second time

ECH in Crikvenica for the second time

XII. The European Championship Majorettes Sport (ECH) took place just as last year on the Adriatic coast, in the summer resort Crikvenica, in the city sports hall. Local organizer was Hrvatsko Udruženje Mažoret Timova (HUMT), Ičići.

This year’s year was enriched with the starts of the newly ranked classic majorett discipline, and also for the first time at the ECH, the age category grandsenior groups started. Assessing the benefits of newly classified disciplines or age categories for further development is premature, but expanding of the offer gives the opportunity for starting of more participants. However, it demands education in updating the rules and organizing the competition.

Advancings for ECH are practiced according to results in national competitions, but they can also be striven in international competitions of Jiří Necid Memorial and Grand Prix in Majorettes Sports. The International Open Cup is not an advancing competition. Participants from non-member countries can apply directly, ECH is still an open competition.

Medals graphics 2017During ECH were also awarded special prizes. One of them won for the biggest team AMA Opava club for 29 present formations. Other major teams were Elite Ostrava, 21 formations, Michelle Karvina, as well as Miraž Wronki, both 20 formations. A special prize was awarded to the Victory Brest club, which enriched the championship with imaginative elements in the field of motion training and the use of equipment. If the club maintains this trend, it will be a strong competition in the fight for primacy. Their discipline in the behavior of the contestants was exemplary; They watched with attention from the grandstand for their opponents throughout the competition. A special prize was also awarded to the Mažoretkinje Grada Crikvenica, the host city. For the highest number of points in the group with the baton, took the special price the cadets from Michelle Karvina (53.55 points) and they also became the absolute winner for the highest sum of points in two disciplines (stage + march).

Each nation has its own specifics, different concepts and performance levels. There is the strength in Czech groups and small formations, both in quantity and in number of competitors, in their quality and performance. This trend is the same as in previous years and not all foreign participants can compete with the Czech strength. The IFMS wishes to take place also a championship of Asia, America or Africa or Australia. Although online streaming is spreading education, according to the fact that it is also watched in the named continents, but not everywhere meets this sport support and understanding. The ” hundreds years old sports” put in the Olympic Games are in the advantage compared to majorettes sports.

Sight for the public, was the everyday ending of the competition day by a common composition, and for the enrichment of the offer of tourism was Saturday’s evening parade of the Colonnade Coast accompanied by the orchestra. After the parade there was a podium show.

The evening ship’s trip for leaders, referees, assistants and organizers was a nice present from the local organizer. The view from the sea to the mainland when the sun set and later on the illuminated resorts were a nice experience. Maybe we’ll meet again on the Adriatic coast.

We thank you so much, everyone

Official page ECH 2017 Official article

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Russian National Championship 2017

Russian National Championship 2017

 Medals statisticsRussian National Championship for majorettes and baton twirling – the main event of the year. Regions are preparing for a whole year to adequately represent their teams in these competitions.

Also, All Russian Majorettes and Baton Twirling Federation received the approval of the international federations for the holding of the I Intertational Open Cup for majorettes.

In the complex, these competitions were attended by 2,203 participants and this amount was recorded in the BOOK OF RECORDS OF RUSSIA as “The greatest number of participants in competition for majorettes and baton twirling in Russia”.

Athletes from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the Czech Republic and, of course, Russia took part in the competition.

Based on the results of the Championship and the Championship of Russia, the composition of the Russian National Team for the international events of 2017 is being formed.

The Sports Committee of the Federation publishes the All-Commander Medal Set (31 teams).

Author: Olga Yurchenko

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III. Silesia Grand Prix (SGP)

III. Silesia Grand Prix (SGP)

The SGP competition was included into the competition calendar literally at the last minute; the placement was preceded by an enormous interest in participating in the contest “Memorial of Jiří Necid”. The interest was so high that before the final rounds of the Czech Championship in Majorette Sports, the competition capacity was full. That is why it was decided, in accordance with the competition rules, to extend the competition for two days. However, the Sports hall of Prof.Zdeněk Matějček in Ostrava did not have a free lease term on Sunday, and another term of the MJN holding was no longer considered for reasons of possible advancing at the European Championship. Therefore, the competition was held in another place on the second day and was a separate contest. The host was Hlučín, only 12 km away from the Ostrava Hall and the local organizer was MK Ballerisimo. The SGP will be a contest open also for next time and an international one. It was though a quick solution, but the number of participants confirmed it to be good. The chance to compete not only for the medals, but also for the European and World Championships, got 154 formations (15 groups and 129 small formations), from this clubs: Mažoretky Rebelky Bílovec, Dračice Bystřice, STARS Talento Frýdek-Místek, KALA Havířov, Cheeky Cheerky Hradec Králové, Charlie Hradec nad Moravicí, ITS Junior Chotěboř, Juventus Karviná, MiKaDo Karviná, LEXY Kroměříž, Neonky Moravská Nová Ves, MONA Náchod, AMA Opava, TK Dancing Roses Opava, Daisy Ostrava, Elité Ostrava, Stars Ostrava, LV2 Sokol Písek, Mažoretky Petra Studénka, Mažoretky Severových Zábřeh, Klub mažoretek Zakřany, domácí MK Ballerisimo Hlučín a Paprsky Hlučín.

So a quick solution, when for the whole preparation, including the processing of applications, was only one month would not do without the support of the town and the willingness of the local organizer. The competition was attended almost all the time by Mrs. Blanka Kotrlová, Deputy Mayor of the City, who has been awarded the patronage for the competition, as well as by the headmaster of the school that provided the school as a background (cloakrooms, registrations) and Mr. Josef Doležel, President of International Federation Majorettes Sport, who aworded also this time the Cup to the group with the highest number of points. The cup was received by a group of junior women from Zakrany Majorettes Club, for 56.35 points. The group also won the advancing for the World Championship. Zakrany have become one of many model examples of how not to surrender, work on herself and by repeatedly participating in competitions advance to the highest competition and thus to become an elite of majorettes sport. The Zakrany are also proof of that even in small towns and villages, high-level majorettes sport can be done.

The SGP was a well-done competition and motivated the contestants to fight again not only for the medals but also for the advancing for higher competitions. Even the thunder and lightning could not prevent the SGP. The thunderstorm caused the interruption of the power supply. However, this failure was not long, but time advance was by waiting over, but the ending was in supposed time, to be spontaneous and stormy. The announcement of the results was especially after the end of the age category of little cadets and cadets and especially for all other disciplines and age categories until the end of the competition. With the first one, the organizers “played” and let the Majorettes board the side entrance, which was a success. Two announcements were also practical exercises at the ECH. In Crikvenica, on the Adriatic coast, there is no need to keep the competitors in the filled hall, the sea is tempting.

We wish all of us once again a beautiful experience of the anthem, which we heard in the open ceremonial from Mrs. Simona Mrázová, opera singer.

After all, you can see all of this again on a live broadcast, located at our page.

Official page SGP 2017 Official article

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VI. Jiří Necid Memorial (MJN) 2017

VI. Jiří Necid Memorial (MJN) 2017

The sixth year of this already prestigious competition took place this time in Ostrava, in the sports hall of Prof. Zdeněk Matějček, under the patronage of the Governor of the Moravian-Silesian Region, prof. Ing. Ivo Vondrák, CSc.

MJN is included in international competitions and foreign clubs together with Czech ones have filled the competition to the limit of its capacity still before the end of the championship. The following clubs were represented at the MJN:

Mažoretkinje Dubrovčan Veliko Trgovišće, Croatia, Bratislavske mažoretky(majorettes) Bratislava, Sašetky Hlohovec, MK Flowers Prešov, EDIT Staškov, Merci Záhorská Ves, Panterky Dolní Beřkovice, TOP Majorettes Dixi Havířov, Cheeky Cheerky Hradec Králové, Minima Husinec, Hraběnky Kamenice, Juventus Karviná, Michell Karviná, MiKaDo Karviná, M Ladies Klimkovice, AMA Opava, Adrianky Ostrava, Donna Praha, TOP (majorettes) Mažoretky Praha, Fantasy Přerov, Bohemia ZUŠ Přeštice, Coloseuml Dance Team Štěnovice, Sara Trutnov, Elité Ostrava, Mirabell Teplice, PV Team Teplice.

The voting of a Golden Majorette, which took place for the second time, was divided into sections between the competition blocks. This time, 25 majorettes were registered (last year 10), including from Slovakia and Croatia. The Czech candidates were presented already during the championship, others had their premiere only at the MJN. As it is already common practice, at the last minute the registered candidates logged off and the unregistered ones signed up again. It was quite “fun” to keep changing the list; At first it seemed that the serial numbers were not going to be enough, then again that they would not pin them. Before the start, everything was “squashed” and 16 candidates took over the area. The voting of a Golden Majorette is seen as a social game with the aim of further positive promotion of clubs through their charges. The girls performed the voting with all the glory, it suited to all the candidates, especially to the decorated ones. The Golden majorett 2017 became Aneta Vacková, MONA Náchod, Silver majorett 2017 Tereza Torcikova, Elité Ostrava and Bronze majorett 2017 Sara Bogović, Mažoretkinje Dubrovnik Veliko Trgovišće

The MJN is a progressive contest, and so it was fought for advancing. As a result, there were in some cases advancing for the World Championship, in other cases for the European Championship. Only the medal places have been again so little, unfortunately, the winner grades are only three.

At the end of the competition, the Cup by the president of International Federation Majorettes Sport was also awarded. The cup could be gained by a group with the equipment baton for the highest number of points achieved. This was done by the domestic team of juniors from Elity Ostrava, which won 60.1 points. All members of the junior group did not conceal the surprise and joy of such a cup.

At the start, a total of 212 formations (39 groups and 173 small formations) were replaced and evaluated. Contestant Majorettes from Slovakia and Croatia varied and enriched the competition. Mr Necid would be surely happy about such a competition, the announcement of the results was similar to those of the 1990s that preceded the majorettes sport. The hymns changed during the announcement, the atmosphere in the hall was amazing and friendly, the ovations graded and did not take the ends. And that’s the way it should be; everyone cannot win, but they can take the competition as a friendly gathering.

“Dear Friends of Majorette Sport! I greet you at the occasion of the 6th Memorial of Jiří Necid and I am very sorry that I can not attend this event for business reasons. Mr. Necid did not know how he would influence our lives. He bravely went to his goal, he invented the rules and the entire organization of the competitions. He joined into his idea companions and friends all over our country. Unfortunately he left us too soon but luckily he found followers who took over his ideas and majorette sport continues to develop not only in our country but also abroad. The 5th annual World Championship, which is held regularly in Prague, will be a brilliant proof of that in August this year, and here is a great thank to Mrs. Marta Pavelková and to all who help her that the majorettes sport gets more and more fans and that the link of the work of Mr Necid continues to be valid for the next generations. I wish to all contestants good feeling about honest sporting performance and look forward to a meeting in Prague. Your Milan Ludvík “

Official article Official article

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International Open Cup from the perspective of Czech judges

International Open Cup from the perspective of Czech judges

This year, the part of the World Dancing Youth Olympics in Moscow was Ist International Majorettes Open Cup, held on May 5th and 6th, 2017, in Sokolniky. For the Czech Republic Iva Poláková and bachelor Michaela Poláková were nominated to the judges, and for contestants accepted the nomination the majorettes Bohemia of the School of Fine Arts Přeštice.

The main organizer was the Federation of Sport Choreography of the Russian Committee of Sport Majorettes. The competition was attended by a total of 2,203 majorettes, which surpassed the number of last year’s Grand Prix in Moscow, and this number was written in the Russian Book of Records.

From organizational point of view, they have the organizers, from whom is the competition very well prepared, from the registration, the number of judges, the background for the spectators, to the safety of all the participating contestants and spectators. The competition was held in two sports halls, that were perfectly air-conditioned.

As jury and coaches we were also very much surprised by the high level of movement training of most Russian groups. If they will take part in the World Championship 2017 in Prague, they will be equal opponents to other contestants and we can look forward to a beautiful spectacle.

We really enjoyed the discipline with drums. With this discipline, we had to manage as jury. It was scored the same as other disciplines. Some choreographies have been very successful and we can even say that we were amazed by this sporting art.

The judging was generally challenging for the jury to concentrate and speed. For a large number of starters, the course of the racing groups had a very rapid course, and a short period of time was determined for the point rating. Each competitor was rated individually on one piece of paper. The system of scoring was the same as in the Czech Federation, except that the jury had to count himself the marks for choreography, movement and equipment, and to hand over the point form immediately to the collector who handed it to the computer center where the results were processed. Individual judges’ marks were posted after the results announcement publicly with the names of members of the jury, as the given member of the jury evaluated.

There was not much time for a tour of Moscow, but we tried to visit places typical for Moscow without which it would not be possible to leave. With the approaching “Day of Victoria” everywhere a festive atmosphere breathed to us. The cleanliness of the city was a great surprise for us, helpful friendly people at every corner and some charming metro stations left us with an amazing experience.

Thanks this way to the Czech Federation of Majorette Sports (ČFMS) to Marta Pavelkova and the president of International Federation of Majorettes Sport (IFMS) Josef Doležel, for the confidence and possibilities to gain further experience as the jury at the International Open Cup, which was included in the World Youth Olympics.

A great thanks for caring during the whole course of the competition to Mrs Olga Yurchenko.

The support for sport in the Russian Federation is incredible.

Official article Official article

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