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Changes to the rules since 2018

Changes to the rules since 2018

d) Deductions due to incorrect course of the competition (summary of technical deductions)

• unpreparedness for competition after announcer announcement 0.1
• early entrance on the stage before the announcement 0.2
• unpreparedness of music 0.1
• technically low quality music transcription 0.1
• interruption of competition set by competitors 0,5
• unauthorized music carrier 0.5
• sound signal (beep) at the beginning of music 0.1
• unauthorized competitors communication 0.5
- ᴏ whistle, loud counting, etc.
• unauthorized chiefs communication 0.5
- ᴏinstructions to competitors during the competition set
• exceeding the designation of the competition area of 0.1
• demonstration of the competition set without shoes (without the whole sole) 0,5
• The shoe does not have a high tibia (SEN BAT) of 0.3
• undersized heels 0.5
• inappropriate costume for BAT 0.3
• fall of costume part 0.2
• applied loose or gel glitter 0.5
• missing ending of the costume by a garrison cap or its imitation 0.3
• fall of competitor 0.4
• not lifting of equipment until the end of the competition set 0.3
• putting away of equipment (more than 2 beats 4/4) 0.4
• not reaching the parade goal by all competitors 0.5
• the rotation of the parade is not performed at the transverse line (start, goal) 0.2
• missing of competition set name for SHOW 0.4
• “stop figure” is not performed at the ending 0.2
• deliberate violation of the rules 0.3

New duo-trio MIX is added, two points was highlighted, other provisions are unchanged


• Stage choreography only.
• Area: 12 x 12 metres
• Protective zone 2 m along all sides of the stage
• Time: minimum 1:15 and maximum 1:30 minutes (without the time for entrance and exit)
• Choreography must content important elements both of two equipment(BAT + POMS)–evaluation of movement technique and equipment work.
• Execution of at least 3 V- level elements for both tools
• Tool change is obligatory and must be done in such a way that the competitor can demonstrate the ability to work with both types of equipment

Rulebook IFMS Rulebook IFMS

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Medals and souvenirs

Medals and souvenirs

Design and original appearance of medals & ribbons for the fifth anniversary of the event this year were carefully selected for the
occasion. They were produced using more complex manufacturing methods with longer production times & higher costs than previously.
The printed ribbon design appears delightful and striking. White colour symbolises peace and purity of the majorette sport which is also
underlined by the use of dove with olive branch in the form of understated emblem.

The dove motif features on both sides of the medal in the upper part among majorette batons, moreover it the shape of a heart. Another unique design feature used this year for the first time is the combination of incisions and protrusions on the medal to create image of 5 batons to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the Championships. The host capital city of Prague is referred to on the medal by a square shaped logo.

The ribbon colour scheme was also used as a pattern for design of the V. World Championship Majorettes Sport souvenirs and commemorative items.

Official page WCH 2017 Official article

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Charlie is proud of the title of the Champion and the World’s second female champion

Charlie is proud of the title of the Champion and the World’s second female champion

The Charlie Majorettes, also this year, represented the town of Hradec nad Moravicí at the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in majorettes sport. The championship was held in the last holiday week in the Královka sports hall in Prague. The hall hosted from 23rd-26th August 2017 majorettes from all over the world.560 formations competedand almost 4000 majoretteschanged here. And there was really something to look at, excellent performances performed by the majorettes from 12 countries.

Our Majorettes Charlie took with their competition setsthe forefront and we are proud to be for the fifth yearin the top ten of the world’s best majorettes. We can boast of a great place and right two titles – THE WORLD FEMALE CHAMPION, which was won by senior duo Sylvie Kocianova and Sabina Lukšíčková and the title of THE SECOND VICE WORLDFEMALE CHAMPION, that was fought by the senior marching parade. With other competition sets, we were placed at 2x seventh and 1x ninth places.

Our town representative was also appreciated by the Mayor Josef Vícha with the words: “I greet all the world female champion and vicefemale champion and I am very happy and, of course, proud of them, of you parents, coaches, escorts and everything that is related !! ! I saw the competition just the first day and the performances were really world-class and being female worldchampions, it must be yet really good, and that your charges and our representatives ARE !!!! Thans very much toall and I wish a nice day and everything good in it, and other successes in and also outside competitions.” We thank the mayor not only for his wish but also for the great support we receive.

With the World Cup, we have finished the great 2017 sports season and we thank the girls for their perfect performances and fighting spirit. We thank the coaches Marcela Tesařová, Sylvie Kocianová, assistants Lucie Bernhauerová and Barbora Jahnová for the great preparation of our majorettes. We are looking forward to the 2018 season and we hope that other ladies will join us to expand our ranks.

We would like to thank all fans of majorettes sport for their support, the successes of Charlie Majorettes can be seen on our website in the success section, the direct broadcast of the given rounds of the Czech Republic Championship

Management of Majorettes Charlie

Official page WCH 2017 Official article

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Previous year: 2017 WCH 2017

Joint performances for majorettes at national and international competitions

Hooray majorettes, the song was first performed at the World Championship Majorettes Sport, Prague, 2017 (words by Richard Wagner, musical adaptation of KAPRON for music service s.r.o.). Choreography for the joint performances was prepared by Mrs. Hana Šimková, Basic Art School Jirkov, CZ, video recording was made by
Ondřej Veselý. The choreography is for all age categories and it is made for the baton and pom-pom.
A lot of joy in training!


Tuesday 21th August
9:00 Opening ceremony
* teams march
* solo, duo-trio, mini
* 2bat solo, duo-trio, mini
* teams stage
* teams stage

Wednesday 22th August
Open competition
* teams march
* solo, duo-trio, mini
* 2bat solo, duo-trio, mini
* teams stage
* duo-trio , mini
* teams stage

Thursday 23th August
Open competitiom
* teams stage
* solo, duo-trio, mini
* 2 bat solo, duo-trio, mini
* solo, duo-trio, mini
* teams stage

Friday 24th August
We would like to remind you that the discipline will be adapted according to the need for direct broadcasting of TV station CT Sport

* solo, duo-trio, mini
* teams stage
* teams stage
* solo , duo-trio, mini
* teams march

Saturday 25th August
09:00 Open competition
* teams march
* teams stage
* solo, duo-trio, mini
teams stage
* teams stage


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Feedback from Russia

Feedback from Russia

National Russian Team has been participating in the World Championship since 2014

Every year all team from different russian regions dream about this competition.

All those who have already participated in this event always talk about a wonderful organization, a warm welcome and a friendly atmosphere.

I want to note that team of IFMS always pays attention to every country, every coach and every athlete.

Russian athletes passed competitions all year long to prepare for the main championship – the World Championship in Prague.

From the whole team from Russia, from All Russian Majorettes and Baton Twirlind Federation, we want to say “thank you” for the event of this level!

For the professionalism of the organizers. For the high level of organization.

Russia will definitely bring the team in 2018! We wish IFMS good luck and development!

Olga Yurchenko

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Seminar in Crikvenica

Seminar in Crikvenica

Into the training calendar for the IFMS member countries’ there was put the trainingcourse for judges focusing on the method of technical judges evaluationand a motion training seminar in Croatia. Mrs. Monika Berger, Chief Judge, was delegated for the seminar and Anna Berger as a motion training instructor. Both events took place on 16.9.2017. The problem that the lecturers had to deal with right at the beginning was that training for trainers and trainingcourses for judges werefully overlapped as for time and also theytook place in different places. While the training of judges had a limited number of participants, around 100 girls of different ages and different physical maturity waited in the sports hall in Crikvenica.

Organizing of such seminars is very demanding for lecturers, not only for the time and preparation, but also for the demonstration itself. Not only did all the girls not understand English, but to shout the hall without a soundwith such a number of children is for the lecturerexhausting, and the effort is then losing effect.

For the next organization of seminars it is necessary the attendance mainly of trainers and only a few girls (e.g. 3 girls on a trainer). The purpose is to show how trainers and assistants shall work with children and how to avoid mistakes. Participants need to see well the elements being demonstrated and understand the interpretation, then such seminars will be beneficial and their effect will contribute more quickly to the development of Majorette Sport.

The training of the judges was focused on the work of atechnical judge, who calculates the elements of the Vthlevel. Participants also wrote a test to verify their rulesknowledge. The discussion was focused on the past 5th WCH. Most it was talked about further training of judges by way of joint evaluation with Czech referees, preferably at some competitions of the 2018 calendar. Further, there was a discussion of the Classical Majoretteevent, there were comments on the selection of music and costumes.

Monika Bergerová

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Previous year: 2017/1 GP 2017/1
Next year: 2018/1 ECH 2018/1

Rresult lists

 Baton stage  Baton formation  2 Baton formation
 Pom stage  Pom formation
 Flag stage  Flag formation
 Show stage
 Mix formation


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Epilogue WCH 2017

Epilogue WCH 2017

The Královka Sports Hall, which hosted the Majorettes for 4 days, was orphaned and returned to everyday activities. The 5th World Championship in Majorettes Sports and the first commentated World Championship is already behind us, and I am pleased to say that it was a success.

I thank all the leaders, assistants, coaches and choreographers for responsible preparation of their charges; thanks them 562 formations were awarded during the competition (the start was changed by almost 4,000 contestants), the same number of diplomas were awarded, 57 sets of medals (1700 pieces) were passed out, 170 cups and 400 sport trophies.

I would like to express my compliments to foreign expeditions that have taken a long way to Prague: Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia. I am personally sorry for those foreign expeditions that looked forward to the competition and could not participate for various reasons: Madagascar, Nigeria, Chile, Switzerland; I wish them much to fulfill their dream, to be part of such a big competition.

Thank you for the smooth running and observance of the smoothness of the competition according to the schedule and timetable to all organizers, staffs and local organizer the Czech Federation of Majorettes Sports, headed by Mrs. Marta Pavelkova, who was the “pillar” of the whole competition. Special thanks to all parents and donors; the high level of the competition is also their merit and they have a large share of it.

I thank the VIP guests who contributed by their presence to the prestige of the competition, especially the representatives of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Mr. Pavel Kaňka, Director of the Sports Department.

Acknowledging rightfully belongs to all attending paying audiences who have supported and created a unique sporting atmosphere. Thousands of unique viewers who watched the show I would like to be able to participate in the competition personally and to participate in creating a unique atmosphere and see the performances directly in the hall.

It was my honor to take part in this wonderful event full of movement joy, elegance and competitive enthusiasm. The whole competition can still be seen from the records, which are published on

I am looking forward to the next, 6th World Championship in Majorettes Sports, which will be held on 21-26 August 2018 at the same place in the Kralovka sports hall, which I cordially invite you to.

President IFMS Ing.Josef Doležel

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How I became an entrant of commentators

How I became an entrant of commentators

It was interesting to return to the milieu that was for many years my life, and it literally. I have never imagined that I would ever have to end up dancing. Never. Of course, the time is coming for everyone. The Majorettes sport did not stop to interest me, so I used the opportunity to return to the majorettes from another position, namely a commentator. I had certain ideas or expectations in terms of competitor performance, competitive atmosphere or overall atmosphere in the hall, etc., but I must say that the expectations were absolutely overtaken, I was amazed at the sports performances in the competition sets. I was most amazed at the huge step forwards, even in teams I would not have expected so much. The morel I would like to pay tribute to all of the participants, and throw a hat off, even to the cadets who, at such an early age, can make such magic with two batons. Likewise, it is worth mentioning the pom-pom event that would not be left behind in comparison with a soappreciated event such as for example gymnastics at various international competitions or Olympics, as well as the event baton itself,which thanks to the possibility of gymnastic elements, has moved several levels higher and it in many artistic perspectives.

It was a pleasure for me to work in a new team of commentators on Majorettes sport. I hope that there is not far the time when the Majorette sport will receive such attention of the media and the public it really deserves, and that there has gone off the time of “ridiculous” soldiers in a girl’s performance who are marching with a baton in their hand.

Maintaining Majorettes sport in the established quality will continue to be challenging for all involved and I will be very pleased that as a member of the team of commentators of Majorettes sport I can contribute to the reputation of this new sport and be at the center of the Majorettes events.

Eva Steppanová

Photos used from FB 

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